Since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in 2004, people have been stunned with the game's nature and its map. Its map having a countryside and a desert did start to make some "mythbusters" think... Unfortunately for them, most are not true and confirmed by Rockstar.
Gtasa mount chiliad ghost car

GTA SA Myths

Rockstar's Press Conference in 2006Edit

In 2006, Rockstar made a press conference that talked about all GTA SA myths. Another thing that "woke" these "mythbusters" up, was when Rockstar affirmed there was a myth that no one has ever seen. It's believed to be the ghost car, which is true.

List of MythsEdit

Carl Jonson's mother ghost inside her house: Fake, it is just a mod

Piggsy: Fake.

Telephone booth in the desert: Fake, even though pictures do show a model of the game, it's easily editable with a Map Editor.

UFO: Fake, as referred in many places, they're planes/stars.

BigFoot: Fake. This is only achievable with a mod, there's no evidence of a bigfoot model in the GTA SA files.

Yeti: See BigFoot

Mount Chilliad BigFoot noise: False, well it's a plane falling.

Ghost Car in Back O' Beyond: True, sometimes a wrecked car will move itself downhill and stop in the middle.

Area 69 Aliens: False

Ghost Town Figure: Fake, it is a mod

Las Brujas Witch: Fake, just a mod

Stone Tunnel Monsters: Fake, just a mod

Rockstar Refference:True,the arrangement of star in sky same as Rockstar logo,players only can see them in night from anywhere

P.S: Nearly all fake myths are CLEO3 Mods

More will be added.